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Why should you use Wise Factoring?

Our clients need us to quickly understand their cashflow requirements and deliver them the best possible solution. We have spent years studying the invoice finance industry, meeting with the market leaders and finding all available options. We now have many happy customers enjoying great business relationships with our recommended providers.

Invoice finance is very flexible these days and there are some great options available to you. Our mission is to make this type of finance much more accessible. We have managed to reduce the initial information needed to just four key questions, allowing us to quickly recommend the provider best placed to serve you.

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How can Invoice Finance help you?

  • Improve your cash flow - Receive funds without taking on long-term debt!
  • Access funds quickly - Up to 95% invoice value in your account the same day!
  • Increase your options - Only choose the invoices you want to fund!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work out who is the best invoice finance provider for me?

We are from a procurement background, so we are used to going to the market and getting our clients multiple quotes. Whether you need a single invoice financed, a specialist construction facility or a full factoring package, there is often a funder that will be an ideal fit for you. We only work with the very best companies, so our suppliers must be extremely professional with highly competitive pricing. They must have a proven reputation for exceptional service and support to be considered for our panel.

Will I receive calls and emails from multiple invoice finance companies?

Absolutely not! Once you have clicked through a few questions we will reveal who we believe is your best option and why. We will let them know we have recommended you, but under no circumstances will they be in touch unless you ask. Our team of invoice finance experts are here to offer you additional help and guidance, but that is entirely up to you.

What is the difference between Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring?

With invoice discounting you continue to manage the credit control, so you chase invoices yourselves where necessary. With invoice factoring you pass on the responsibility of credit control to your invoice finance provider. This can be done confidentially so your client is not aware of the factoring arrangement. We make sure you are fully informed of the options, so you choose the solution that works best for you.

What is the difference between Spot Factoring and Selective Factoring?

Spot Factoring means you may occasionally have an invoice you would like paid quickly, you can use this facility as and when it suits you. Selective factoring is when you only have certain clients, typically with long payment terms, that would be a good fit for invoice financing. Spot factoring would typically incur a slightly higher fee than a more regular relationship with a funder, however some companies are happy with the flexibility it provides.

What is bad debt protection and will this be offered to me?

Bad Debt Protection is a form of credit insurance. It covers you if you have had funds advanced but then for whatever reason your client cannot pay what’s owed. Bad Debt Protection cover typically waives up to 90% of the fees already advanced to you. This is something that should be offered separately by your funder, but they will need to do due diligence on your clients before offering this.

Ok, I am ready to see what you can do. What is the process from here?

Perfect! All you need to do is click the answers from the four key questions on our calculator. We will instantly send you a detailed breakdown of our recommendation, the approximate fees you should expect and the contact details for our account manager at your chosen supplier. During work hours, we will give you a quick call to say hello and offer to answer any initial questions. It is then entirely up to you if you want to explore it further and speak to our recommended company. There is no pressure and no obligation at all, we hope to add you to our long list of happy customers!